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Hey Everyone!

We had the incredible opportunity to go play some music in the Seattle area last weekend! While we had a ton of fun at the shows and met some really cool people, I think God had some things for us to learn as well. So I thought I'd write down what He's been teaching us.

The Bible says that God is our heavenly Father and we as the Church are His children. This is a really cool analogy because most kids can approach their fathers and talk to them about anything. So keep this parent/child relationship in mind as you read further.

God LOVES people and He especially loves His church right? But like any parent He's not crazy about seeing His kids disagree, and isolate themselves from each other over things that may not really matter in light of eternity. Imagine, a pair of siblings fighting over something (it could be anything). In the moment it seems like this thing or idea they're disagreeing over is going to determine who's right and who's wrong, and why one should yield to the other. Because one person will be right, and because they're right the parents will love them more... As an adults or parents often we see this type of situation as silly and childish. We usually just want the disagreement to stop because what's being fought over really doesn't make a difference in the first place. It also certainly won't make us love one child more than the other.

I think that God sees us in the church this way. We've split His "family" into denominational siblings and each denomination has their own set of beliefs in addition to the gospel that members agree with and follow. (Note: for the sake of this blog I won't go into personal beliefs within denominations)

In my experience I've seen that denominations often disagree on many different issues that are in themselves not pertinent to the gospel. For example: communion... There are so many different ideas of what communion is, and how to take it. That it becomes a dividing point within the Church. Also music, I've seen church bodies split over this! Or whether or not to pass an offering plate or have a box in the back of the building...Seems kind of silly lol but I could continue with divisive points without having to put much thought into it. Fortunately that's not the point of this post. What God has been speaking to me and to The Incandescent is that we as the Church need to look beyond what we can't agree on theologically. Honestly some of the stuff that we disagree on no-one really knows the answers to. Like if angels can marry each other lol... We shouldn't be focused on these things, we need to come back to the center of everything and agree on this statement. Jesus is Lord! If we can all just put aside the things that tear us apart and agree on the simple truth on the gospel, then we can begin the process of uniting The Church and become the agent of change that the world needs. We are a family and as such dysfunction is going to happen naturally. But if we can love each other and embrace the truth of the gospel we can truly make a difference in the spiritual battle that we're facing!

I think that God is calling our generation and the generation following us to realize this and to come together under the common cause of Christ to get work done. Just imagine if the global Church stopped acting like a bunch of independent Sunday clubs and came together to do work the world would be a different place...

These are the things that God's laid on my heart as of late. I hope this encourages you to reach out to your brothers and sisters across the denominational aisle and invite them to see things in this light. With an end goal of being The Church to this world that's growing darker with each passing day.

I love you guys and am praying for revival and unity within God's Church so that we can band together and be about our Fathers business.

Until next time Andrew -

posted by The Incandescent on 10/28/2013

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The Incandescent has officially partnered with another group of great companies in a new endorsement deal! Thanks for the support! D'Addario & Planet Waves along with Evans DrumHeads, Pro-Mark DrumSticks and Tour Supply!

For more information on D'addario their products and services please visit them at their website

posted by ELEVATE Music on 10/28/2013

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Jan 3rd 2012 - JANUARY 3rd 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -

Surrey BC Percussion and Cymbal manufacturer Heartbeat Percussion made the arrangement today to endorse The Incandescent's drummer Kellen Rowe. Rowe will be working with Heartbeat to grow and represent their products to fans of the band as well as to other musicians and churches throughout their travels. Rowe will be using Heartbeat cymbals exclusively in their live shows and recordings in the future. Both parties are excited about the new relationship and are looking to the future. For information on Heartbeat please visit their website at:

posted by ELEVATE Music on 10/28/2013

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Ever think to yourself... "I wonder what kind of gear that band I like uses?" Well the secret is out with us. Here are the musical products that we use on the road and in the studio.

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The debut studio project from ELEVATE Music's The Incandescent will be released Tuesday Nov 13th, 2012. The Planting Bulbs EP will be available via iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Zune, and other fine digital music sources. The project will also be made available as a CD through the artist's web-store or at upcoming tour dates. For more information on The Incadescent please visit their website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on twitter.


posted by ELEVATE Music on 10/23/2012

You know those times when... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

You know those times when you're so blessed by what is going on around you, that you just can't keep from singing or worshiping? Ya, we just experienced that this last weekend with the Inland Empire Baptist Association Youth Camp. We were asked to come out and lead worship for the students during the camp, and we had the most amazing time doing it! But I think we ended up being blessed by them and what God was doing at the camp, more than we were to them (haha). Its so crazy that sometimes the tables turn like that in life. Well out of this awesome time of worship and challenge a new song was born for our band! We'd like to share the lyrics to it with you. But before you read down to them we would just like to encourage you to dig deep into God's word and spend more time with Him each day. Its out of those moments amazing things happen. - Andrew-

Wildfire - By The Incandescent

I can hear You calling me. Like a song on a summers breeze.
You speak softly to my mind. Like a father whispers to his child

Spinning time and space. You released Your grace!
Like a wildfire, be my One desire only!

Speak to my heart with rhythms of love
Invade my mind cleanse with Your blood
Free my soul from depravity
I only want Lord what You want for me

Like a wildfire be my One desire
Your consuming fire rage in me

Speak to my heart with rhythms of love
Invade my mind cleanse with Your blood
Free my soul from depravity
I only want Lord what You want for me

posted by The Incandescent on 02/13/2012