Bruce Danna - website

Mission Statement

To be a willing, available and faithful servant of God, that by His grace, power, calling and direction, I may faithfully and humbly use the spiritual gifts, musical talents and resources entrusted to me......

TO- "refresh the hearts of the saints in Christ", and bring challenge, warning and hope to the lost.......

BY - joyfully spreading the 'good news' of forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ, and sharing the reality of His daily and ongoing work in my life.........

THROUGH - original songs, testimony, the Word, and humor.


Singer/Songwriter BRUCE DANNA seeks to bring a 'refreshing' breeze of HOPE to a hurting and stressed-out world by sharing the overflow of his relationship with Jesus Christ, through his 'heartsy' and 'fun' delivery of original songs, testimony, the Word and humor.

Born in New York and raised in South Florida, Bruce enjoyed some success with his rock-band playing clubs and concerts. But his life and musical direction were altered forever, when at 21, he surrendered his heart and soul, music and all, to the Lord Jesus Christ. Forgiven and free, he suddenly found himself with a new heart, and a 'new song'.

Fans have described Bruce's unique blend of musical styles as being contemporary, yet timeless,.. youthful, yet cross-generational,.. refreshing, and definitely straight to the heart. They've also expressed hearing 'hints' of James Taylor, Billy Joel and Jimmy Buffett..... Others just say he sounds like,.. well,. like 'Bruce',.. the original.

Now, in his third decade of music ministry, Bruce has long reflected the qualities of a musically and spiritually mature performer, firmly grounded in the word of God. And whether he's leading a worship service or performing in concert, his open, believable, spontaneous personality and warm, comfortable style actually pave the way for walls to come down, and the Spirit to come in.

Bruce says his music is about 'heart',.. God's heart,.. 'our' hearts. It's about reconciliation and renewal,.. forgiveness and faith,.. healing and hope,.. grace and growth,.. a new heart and a new Home,.... It's about 'refreshing the hearts of the saints in Christ' and bringing challenge and hope to the lost. Ultimately, it's all about Jesus.

And so,.. with a God-powered vision and talent to match,.. with the experience of a veteran and the enthusiasm of a freshman, Bruce Danna will continue to share the 'overflow' of his relationship with Jesus Christ,.. whenever, and wherever the Lord leads.

Be there,... and be 'refreshed'.