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Mission Statement


Renee Welsch is an accomplished gospel singer. She has performed across the United States and Europe and has recorded three albums. Her music has been played on Christian radio nationwide. She has been a music guest for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Total Christian Television Network (TCT) and on Cornerstone Television who described Renee as "one of our most loved music guests". She has performed the national anthem for the Cleveland Indians and has done studio background vocal work. She has opened concerts for fellow Christian artists Tammy Trent, and for Pam Thum who says, "Renee can deliver a song vocally. She's a wonderful communicator. She'll make you laugh. She'll make you cry."

After several years of traveling music ministry, Renee took a 'mommy hiatus' when she and her husband Scott answered the call to foster parenting. They have cared for more than twenty foster children and are the proud adoptive parents of two daughters. Now she is back with a new album, 'Songs From the Journey' and is a frequent guest speaker on the topic of foster care. She uses her music and the stories of her foster children to express the heart of Christ and to be a voice for 'the least of these'. Her interview about her foster/adoption journey aired on the 700 Club in November 2017.

Every weekend, Renee can be found singing somewhere - at a gospel music event, or a women's conference, frequently in prison, or leading worship as part of the music ministry team at her home church in Ohio

Here's What People Are Saying:

"There are many beautiful voices in our world and Renee's is one of these. But God has given her more than a voice. Renee has lived a deep story that has transformed her into a refreshing image of Christ. She wraps her experiences in songs with finesse and beauty." Tia Ciferno, Executive Director, Bella Women's Centers

Of Renee's 700 Club interview: "One of the best adoption stories in this lifetime! Amazing interview." Mimi Elliot, Producer, Christian Broadcasting Network

"Renee's singing will knock your socks off! I absolutely recommend her music ministry." Rev. Don Matolyak, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

"You never only hear Renee's beautiful voice in her music, you hear her whole heart." Suzie Thomas, WNPQ The Light