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Scott and Angie are worship leaders at New Life Assembly of God in Escanaba Michigan. Scott began playing the guitar at the age of six. His main musical influence at that time was, of course, his dad. You've probably heard the hill-billy saying, "There's only two kinds of music: Country AND Western". Well Scott's dad had his own version of this saying. "There's only two kinds of grass: green grass and Bluegrass!" For this reason, Bluegrass music had the largest impact on his young musical "career". Since living in Texas, Scott has broadened his horizons and enjoys the influences of many different genres of music. Fortunately, however, he is still under the impression that there are only two types of "grass". Angie began piano lessons in the second grade. She discovered her love for singing about a year later. One lone voice rang out in the middle of music class... at the entirely wrong time. That was Angie. The embarrassment of the situation was remedied by a solitary comment from the teacher, "You have a nice voice." Angie hasn't turned back since. She spent countless hours literally screaming to the songs of Whitney Houston, behind the thin walls of her bedroom. Her family rejoiced when she retired her "Body Gaurd" and "Disney" soundtracks, and began a few years of formal voice lessons starting in the tenth grade. She also continued her piano lessons throughout highschool. Scott and Angie work as a team. Angie does the majority of the lyric and melody writing, with much valued input from her husband. Scott composes the music for their songs, and plays most of the instruments on their recordings.