Steve Price

Mission Statement

My mission is just to encourage the body of Christ. We live in a world that is collaping in on us with population, starvation, disease, drug abuse, greed, and immorality. But we have Hope to offer and an incredible future for all that would turn to Christ! Anything I can do to help facilitate that, I will. My gift is just that, a gift, and I will use it for Him alone!


Steve Price

Steve, a guitarist and prolific songwriter, has been in the music industry in the Washington DC metropolitan area as an artist since 1972. He is currently the Music Director at Jubilee Christian Center in Fairfax Virginia, and served in music ministry for 13 years prior to that at Christian Center Ministries in Alexandria Virginia.

He came to know Christ through a miraculous conversion out of drug addiction while attending college, and has never looked back. In 1988 Steve began, in earnest, his recording career and started drawing up songs out of God's never ending well. In 1991, Steve formed the group "DoveSong" and they performed all over the Washington metro area for 4 years before breaking up.

His vision has always been to speak God's hope and compassion to the church through his music. He feels called as a worship leader, and loves to work with the musicians and singers that God brings. "It is always the best part of my week. I am eager to be there with my musical family and help create that environment of praise where the church can know Jesus' presence and touch the very hem of His garment! If I could lead God's people into His presence the rest of my life, I would consider my greatest goal achieved!"

"In December 2006, God spoke to me to start making my music available to the public. Previously, I had always considered that part of my career as a prideful area, but when Father reminded me that it was His gifting in me and that we are called to use those giftings to bring more fruit and grow the kingdom, I began looking for avenues to release these songs."

God spoke to Steve in 2012 and he moved out of the DC area and now lives and ministers out of Green Valley, Arizona. In 2014 he joined Living Waters Ministries in Tucson and is still writing and setting up his studio to record again. Stay tuned for more!