Matthew Ide

Mission Statement

My mission is to glorify God not only in song but in daily living; ministry that's real.


Because I don't like to read lengthy bio's I figured I'd spare you the same task. The short story is that I've grown up in the church since birth, met Jesus as my Saviour at age 7, baptized at age 11, but didn't start living what I said I believed until after I was married. I've been singing since my mother forced me to in church at the age of 5. Seven years singing with a southern gospel group has helped me overcome most of my stage fright but I still prefer to be in a group rather than ministering solo. I'm naturally a tenor but can cover baritone range as well (sometimes switching throughout one song) and I play enough guitar to back up a solo performance and write songs with. I have been in southern gospel for the last seven years and would really like to continue doing so, or to get into a Christian country/country gospel style group with the sounds of some of the greatest harmony groups in the industry.

I wrote 6 of the 10 songs on our last CD project from Chapel Valley and one is headed by compilation disc to radio stations shortly. I am currently seeking a songwriting collaborator(s) that is gifted in the music aspect as I am a better lyricist than anything else.

If there is anything else you'd like to know please send me an email or check out my book. It's a memoir spanning the first 19 years of my life and is available for purchase on Amazon, titled: "A Legend...In My Own Mind."

I am currently working on another book about following God's will as I journal this journey. Stay tuned and thank you for stopping by.