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Mission Statement

I've always tried to keep my songs simple. I love to write Songs that others can relate to and sing along to. When I realized God had called me to a life of worship it started to inspire me to wirite about his amazing love.


Gabriel de la Garza has always been intrigued with music. "From a very young age I was exposed to music, whether it was my mother teaching me some little sunday school jingle or listenning to all the evangelist that passed by our church and watching them play their guitars. I was always involved with the choir or with playing some kind of music for our church worship services. I never did sing though in front of people, much less by myself in front of people." Gabriel started taking piano lessons at the age of six. Soon after it was the drums, then the guitar. I've been writing songs for 10 years and when I wrote the songs for this album they came very natural. I don't like when I write something just to write it. These songs were birthed in some very desperate times in my life. Some are prayers, some are cries for help, and some were just thankful moments." What inspires your music? I'm very passionate about what God has done for me. In that sense, Creation inpires me, His dying on the cross inspires me, and everyday life inspires me. Just waking up and seeing my wife and kids amazes me. What have I done to deserve this? " Gabriel's songs are truly uplifting, The songs on the album take you on a spiritual journey of thanksgiving to surrendering everything to God. I try to let the songs speak for themselves. I don't like to be complicated with my songs either. I've noticed that people can relate more to a set of lyrics that they can understand, rather than a song that you have to sit and figure out what it means." What is the Goal for your solo debut album? "Honestly, All I want to do is be able to sing my songs in front of people and be able to have them relate to God's heart thru hearing or singing my songs. In other words, my goal in life is to be able to be able to be used in any situation by God. I don't know if my songs will be on radio or not but that is just momentary, I want to be able to leave a legacy for generations to come. God has given me so much, that I can't help but to sing and write about His Love for me. I always try to trust God and not let fear stand in my way of pleasing him. He has made everyone very unique and He expects you to use your gifts to bring Him honor. That's all I want to do is give Him everything I can without no regrets"