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Mission Statement

Writing, recording and playing music through which Jesus brings healing, peace, joy, love and hope.


John Tussey is a keyboard artist, composer/songwriter, arranger, studio musician, private music instructor, music publisher and speaker who lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. He teaches piano, theory, improvisation, composition and a variety of contemporary styles on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

John has ministered in churches in the US mainland as well as the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines. John's heart is to bring healing, restoration and renewal through music and the Word of God. He loves people and greatly appreciates being used by the Lord to minister.

John received the Lord in 1971 at the age of 17. In June, 1972, he began music ministry. John has played for two gospel groups, many soloists and in many churches doing special music as a keyboard soloist. John has been interviewed on radio and television programs on the East Coast of the US as well as in Hawaii and the Philippines.

John's music is being used by the Lord to bring healing, restoration and renewal into lives around the world. His CD's include a variety of styles and textures such as mellow, jazzy and majestic piano and serene synthesizer soundscapes.

John has played in meetings with national award-winning watercolor artist Carolyn Blish (September 1980 May 1981), former Miss America Evelyn Ay Sempier, Billy Graham's first lady of prayer - Millie Dienert, Gil Howard-Browne, Dr. Theo Walmarans, Stephen Bennett, Lillie Knauls, Bob Fitts, Viola Grafstrom, Reggie and Ladylove Smith, Natalie Grant, Jim Hester, Billy Burke, Jim Salvador, John Gilman, Dr. Petti Wagner, David Van Koevering, Dr. Norvel Hayes, Jimmy and Becky Pearce (hosts on PromiseLand Television Network), Cal Pierce (Healing Rooms), David Herzog, Bob Jones, Tom Inglis (a worship leader for Integrity Hosanna! and founder of Psalmody International), Dr. Dennis Sempebwa (formerly of the group, Limit X), Emmanuel Cannistraci, Christian and Robin Harfouche, Pastor Wayne Cordiero (New Hope Christian Fellowship - Oahu, Honolulu HI), Pastor Nicholas Van Rensburg (Christian Family Church, Kapolei, HI) Pastor Dean Fujishima (Laulima Ministries, Honolulu, HI), Kainoa Iranon, Rabbi Daniel Vargas and John and Linda Keough (Healing Rooms Honolulu).