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Mission Statement

JPT wants to impact their growing audiences with this powerful truth and its captivating music. Their sound and personalities are accessible to all people, regardless of age, circumstances, or where they are in their own personal journeys.


** Request JPT's "Deeper Than" at your local radio station!! **

JPT (formerly Justpassingthru) will rock your eardrums with a deep message connecting you with every lyric. The New Jersey band, recently noted by mainstream music critics, brings rawness and memorable guitar hooks. In early 2010, JPT signed with Cul De Sac Records after doing a development and production deal with the label in 2009.

JPT is made up of Mooki (lead vocals), Joe "Gigs" Gorgolione (bass & vocals), Sammy Garcia (drums) Kevin Martin (guitars)and Joe Lipari(Keys,Guitar). Influenced by a variety of genres from Top 40 Hits, a touch of metal, and lots of hard rock, JPT is ready to release their first national album titled The Burning.

"This album touches on what could be 'darker side' of love," explains JPT lead vocalist Mooki. "Everyone wants to experience the euphoric highs and emotions that come with love. But no one wants the tough times that come with love (if you stick around long enough). The irony is that when love makes it through these tough times it becomes so much more beautiful and precious."

The lyrics, much like the band, cut straight to the heart about determination in the face of imminent despair with songs like "Deeper Than" (that gives a shout-out to "Dirty Jersey" -- an affectionate reference to the band's home state) or songs about selfishness "One" and even about true love and resolve "Let's Take Heaven". In addition to great originals, The Burning features a great studio treatment of their live show favorite, a fist-pumping, anthem-rock version of "Tainted Love" (made popular by Soft Cell in 1981).

For the debut of their first national release, JPT teamed up with founder of rock group White Heart, Billy Smiley, to produce the album. Smiley enlisted industry notables who have worked with musical royalty, Blair Masters on synths and organ, George Cocchini, Brennan Smiley and Ed Aular (former JPT guitarist) on guitars, and Billy Whittington as the mixing engineer to work on The Burning.

"We wanted to create a heavy-hitting rock album," says the band's frontman Mooki, "We finally found our sonic sweet spot and a sound that hits as hard as the lyrics!"

As JPT continues to pack venues throughout the Tri-State area, you'll find hints of a number of artists from Shinedown to Green Day and you'll hear anything from hard rock to pop rock. There really is something for everyone on this album. The Burning is set to release to national retail on May 18, 2010, under Cul De Sac Records / INFINITY.