Ryan Hughes & the To Be Determined Band

Mission Statement

To share the message of God's grace, mercy and love through mulitple musical styles.


I was born is Frankfurt, Indiana to Rex & Wilma Hughes. From an early age I performed with my family until my mother passed away in an accident. Up until that point in time, playing the piano was something that I avoided, however losing my mother brought a new light and passion to playing. In college I discovered Christian Contemporary music and began to have a desire to share God's love with others.

I actually fell out of music for awhile when I met and married my wife of now 24 years. Career and life seemed to provide an ample distraction, up until I was recruited for local praise band. It was then when the spark for playing and writing Christian music really grew in me. For awhile my playing increased however once again life stepped it and drew me away from regular playing of music.

Fortunately, I received a knock on my door from a new pastor in our area (Dr. Rob Harding). He was holding an old cassette tape of songs I had recorded and asked me to consider helping lead music for a new church start. While it seemed almost crazy at the time, I accepted the challenge because I had a strange feeling it was something God wanted me to do. Fourteen years later we had helped grow a successful church and dynamic praise team.

I am blessed to share my music ministry with my loving wife Patty and our two sons Jake and Shane. I addition, we have approximately 12 additional musicians that help to make up the "To Be Determined Band". These musicians span ages from 11 to 60 and represent multiple denominations. In addition I am always open to finding new musicians that God has cross my path. It is my belief that encouraging others to share their talents is an important role for those in the ministry to assume.

At this stage in my career I've sung in front of crowds as small as 1 and as large as 8,000+. Venues have ranged from churches, sporting events, festivals, parties, and even the occasional parade. My style that of the band is very diverse and often involves the audience participation. We can be very upbeat or somewhat traditional when the need arises. Bottom line is that we strive to share God's word through song. This music is about Him first, although I must admit we have a lot of fun sharing it.