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Mission Statement

At the risk of sounding crazy to some, as a braggart to others, here is a small part of the Lord's mission statement for me: To see the power restored to the church in America, and to change the nations. I'm anointed to tear down strongholds that have hindered the church from walking in God's supernatural power gifts of faith, healing and miracles, and I'm anointed draw people closer to Christ, and plant a heart for evangelism through His Spirit. The Lord has also giving me a heart to see walls of division torn down between different denominations. Jesus loves the way I preach, exalting His name and what He has done, and I love seeing Him confirm His word with signs following.
Greetings pastors: If I preach at your church and there are not instant healings, then you can publicly denounce me and I will give you 500 dollars. Yes, I guarantee miracles, and I don't ask for an offering. Are there any takers? Why doesn't my schedule fill up like it does in the Spanish-speaking nations? Well so much for my mission statement for America. I guess God will have to open America up, and not just to me, but to HIM. I think we have both been trying to kick that door in. Other goals include recording praise songs that Jesus loves, and then re-recording in Spanish and other languages, but airplay has been almost zilch in the U.S. However, I have been receiving some airplay in Mexico and Central America. Through the miracles, God has opened up the airplay in Nicaragua, and I have also received some international airplay recently. I desire to have a secular/Christian crossover song for South America, in that sinners may be saved. Yes, the Lord has put it in my heart to do large healing crusades to the Spanish speaking nations. Although, this has not happened yet, I have been doing some larger meetings. God has given me a wonderful healing anointing, and when I preach in Central America, it is normal for everybody in the church to receive their healing, all praise to Jesus who confirms His word. I love to minister in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico, where I can preach and pray for the sick and hurting every single night almost. However, sometimes the Lord sends me to a certain area deep in witch territory. You can read about my mission trips here: http://www.thetruthstein.com/Missions.html , and learn how the Lord brought me into this wonderful healing anointing here: http://www.thetruthstein.com/MyBio.html


My long form bio can be found here: http://www.thetruthstein.com/MyBio.html
I was a lifelong professional and studio musician, entertainer, record producer, sound engineer, and recording artist. I was so radically filled with the Holy Ghost in 1992 that I immediately turned into a preaching machine. Suddenly, my life and my career in music meant nothing in comparison to the anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost. I sought Jesus and the gifts, especially healing. I could not get enough of the Word. Every time I got in front of a microphone I would cry and talk about Jesus. I jeopardized my job and the livelihood of the fellow band members by preaching right off the stage in those dark places where we played. I was contacted to do a TV interview in Nashville, but when the camera started rolling, all I could do was cry and talk about Jesus. Subsequently, my national career out of Nashville ended. After playing the circuit around southern Illinois preaching Jesus, I quit the band, several months after receiving the Holy Ghost. However the Lord poured out huge blessings on me, both financially and otherwise. I had lost all desire to record music. I thought to myself, "Why should I record music? If I can't record a song that is powerful enough to get somebody saved or healed, what is the purpose? There are plenty of other Christian artists." I started doing street ministry, and ministering in Mexico and Honduras. All the old things in my life completely passed away. I was a new creature in Jesus. However, I still enjoyed playing my guitar, and putting complicated 30's jazz arrangements to simple praise songs. Occasionally I would write songs, as the preacher in me tried to get the Word out through music.
After 14 years, I started recording music again, somewhat reluctantly, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, but I've been blessed through this obedience.
I've been following the Holy Spirit, in recording songs in Spanish and releasing them.
Pastors, I would like to come to your church. If you invite me, I will pray, and Lord willing I will come. My desire is to preach and minister, and healings will follow. Favorite subjects are healing, faith, and word of faith, with the center being relationship with Jesus. If your congregation is somewhat reserved, don't worry. I know how to gently bring the word without choking them on too much meat. Signs of healings and miracles will follow, or else I will give you 500 dollars, and you can label me as a false teacher or whatever. Yes, I guarantee that the vast majority of people will be healed. If you want me to do music only without preaching, that is OK also, although that may increase the chance of my declining your invitation. My desire is to do the Lord's will, and it is the Lord's desire to have His Kingdom come, and to restore power to the church. Please visit this link for a small sample of the faith-building Word I preach concerning healing. http://www.thetruthstein.com/Healing.html I want to thank you for reading this.
Apart from Jesus, we can do NOTHING.
-Karl Stein