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Mission Statement

Elisha's Request: Worshipers on a mission to see the transformation of a nation through the manifest presence of God along with people who have an uncompromising love for Him willing to deliver the extravagant good news with power. Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!


Passionate worship, unique song-writing, hearing and releasing heaven's sound describes the music of Elisha's Request. This family band desires to ignite fires of revival wherever they go by pointing people toward the experiential knowledge of God's love, presence and power. They believe that such encounters with the foundational truth of God's love and passion for us, launches people into doing the work of the Kingdom and living a supernatural existence. Elisha's Request's four CD projects reflect and expound on these truths. They also express the main focus of Elisha's Request Ministries: building a 24/7 house of prayer and training worshipers.
Elisha's Request consists of the Proctor family led by Michael and Penny Proctor and their adult children Hannah, Rebekah and Jesse, who have followed in the musical creativity of their parents as well as spearheaded advance into new territory. The Proctors present a pure, fresh, unpretentious anointing in worship, performed with heartfelt excellence. Their journey as a family worship band began in the summer of 1995 at a Christian family camp in Hawaii. Here, they led worship and played a few of their songs. Shortly after their first musical adventure, the Proctors began leading worship at a foursquare church and learned how to flow in prophetic worship, listening to the Holy Spirit. Their vision lifted higher as God revealed His ability to do "more than a person can ask or imagine." Soon the Proctor family started leading worship along the West Coast and began to minister in places like Kansas, Missouri, Hawaii, Mongolia, and Australia. They also held monthly worship meetings at their home for nine years and felt God calling them into full time ministry. So in June 2006, they began meeting weekly as a church under the name Elisha's Request Ministries.
In the middle of recording their first CD project in winter of 1999, "Return to the Passion," the name 'Elisha's Request' emerged as the essence of their heart, to contend for the double portion inheritance for the generations. This request spawned the idea of making a two-CD set for the next project recorded in the summer of 2002 called "A Double Portion." The flow of musical inspiration continued and moved ER to record "This Day Leads" in summer 2003, a CD that reached a whole new level in creativity and quality. Their latest project, "Glory to Glory," was released in November 2006 and consists of another double CD with studio and live recordings from the monthly meetings at their home.