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Mission Statement

My Mission is to first and foremost bring people closer to Christ Jesus! I serve to seek Him and show Christ Jesus in me through my actions and words. My prayer is that people see Christ in me on and off stage. That I will be a mirror for Christ, so that when people look at me I reflect Christ Jesus Love!


Indie Christian Rock Artist and Worship Leader Kalob is known for his powerful piano performance, song writing and passion to serve the Lord with the gifts he has give be given. Kalob has been serving as worship leader in the Houston area for the past 7 years. He is currently on staff as Worship Leader for Grace Fellowship Bible Church, Atascocita, TX. Where his has been serving at for the past three years. Kalobs indie Rock album "Never Alone" which was released in May of 2006, has eight original songs including the signals Never Alone and Lullaby. It message is one of Hope, Joy and excitement for life in Christ Jesus. With growing radio play, CD sales and digital downloads "Never Alone" has become a project that God has truly blessed Kalobs life with. "There was a time in my life recently that I started to fade away from God and I thought I could make it better on my own. I felt like I could make my dream of being successful with my music by doing it my own way. Then I started changing the way I approached my music, but I soon found out that all the success in the world is not worth it if you have to conform to what the world deems right and wrong. Once I realized that God could take away my gifts just as fast as he gave them and the only way to truly serve Him is to give him every part of not only my life but my music as well. Now with my renewed sprit and passion to serve and seek Gods will, I have seen my ministry starting to grow and seen new opportunities come my way that I could have never even had dreamed of. It is truly amazing to see how God can work!! Look for his New project "breaking out" which is to be released in summer of 2008.