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Mission Statement

My music mission is to express and inspire life as it's meant to be: full, rich, and abundant. I believe Christ came for this purpose: that we might have life today and for eternity! I hope people who listen to the songs I've written gain a sense of the adventure and the purpose in which God has called us to live."


Get to know Evie Haskell --

Since the release of her 2006 debut project, "My Beautiful Everything", Evie Haskell quickly caught the attention of Worship Leader Magazine (WLM), SongDISCovery, and others in the music industry. WLM praised her album saying, "Evie is a new worship artist that enters like a fresh breeze on the Christian music scene." Describing her music as "piano driven (with serious chops on that front) and a sweet, slightly airy voice that lets her songs of adoration move with grace beyond the status quo."

Evie's songwriting has received many positive reviews. After just learning that Until Then received First Place with Contemporary Christian Music International's songwriting contest, an announcement was made in March 2007 that she had received Album of the Year from Indieheaven.com, and soon followed an invitation to open for Grammy award winning, Third Day at a concert on the East Coast. Evie's song, Talk Me Home, also won the Adult Contemporary genre and was one of the top ten 2007 finalists with songoftheyear.com.

Keith Mohr, President of Indieheaven, has this to say about Evie: "I've been working with thousands of independent Christian artists since 1997, and it is seldom I come across an artist who moves me as much as Evie Haskell. Evie's passion and excellence are sure to increase the scope of her music mission in the coming years!"

A graduate of Bethany University, Santa Cruz, CA, Evie is now serving alongside her husband, Josh Herndon, in youth ministry. She also enjoys directing Jr. High and High School choirs and teaching private piano lessons.

This past year has seen the release of her sophomore album, "Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars". The album features songs that have been inspired by the last three years of Evie's life. Marriage, a major move, and dream-chasing have sparked quite an array of creatively-written songs, some fun and quirky, some serious and melancholy, and a few in-between. Evie's thought-provoking introspection is laced with her sense of humor throughout the CD, which makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

Comments and Reviews --

"New worship artist you say? Let me guess, guy with a guitar, supported by a good-but-nameless band and a sandy, slightly higher-ranged vocal style? Usually that is the case, but thank goodness for young artists like Evie Haskell. Piano driven (with serious chops on that front) and a sweet, slightly airy voice that lets her songs of adoration move with grace beyond the status quo. Haskell is a new worship artist that enters like a fresh breeze on the Christian music scene."
Worship Leader Magazine July/August 2007

"Evie entered our international songwriting contest in 2006 and the judges unanimously selected this song (Until Then) for 1st place. Listen, not only to her beautiful voice and piano-playing style, but the lyrics of this song. One of the judges told us that there was not a dry eye in the room while listening to this song... Evie is a young lyricist and vocalist that you will see and hear a lot about in the future."
Jeff McLauglin, Contemporary Christian Music Network International

"Evie Haskell's feather-light voice will remind you of those Celtic hymns that take you to a different place the moment you close your eyes. She sings like she's playing her voice like any other instrument, and not just simple melodies at that, but very unique and interesting ones. Her originality is a match for her beautiful voice, and her musicality is as deep as her skill. Evie Haskell, how could anyone not love her...
Her debut album, My Beautiful Everything, is a collection of her most beautiful songs, packed with everything that's Evie-- original, passionate, and uplifting. But the best thing about this album is that it is centered on Jesus Christ. The moment you play it, you step into the heart of the singer and find yourself saying the same words to God. It makes you look at Jesus, and marvel at everything that He is. Evie declares one thing with every song: that everything about Jesus is beautiful.

There's a lot we could say about this young talented artist, but we'll leave it at that. Because it's evident that whatever credit and glory we'd give to Evie, she'd simply give them all back to the reason why she sings. Evie is a true worshiper, and that's when she's at her best-- when she sings for the most beautiful King of all."

"Evie has a gentle spirit and her genuine love for the Lord engaged our congregation as she led. They loved her beautiful voice and worshipful songs. Our band enjoyed working with her as she is a musical professional."
Bill Berry, Music Pastor Willamette Christian Church, West Linn, Oregon

"You had me at Hello...This is freaking Great, Evie."
Scott Dente, Out of the Grey (review on new song, "One", at CIA Songwriting Bootcamp, Franklin, TN)

"Evie cheerfully fit into our service plan and worked with our church*s musicians, rehearsing the band like a seasoned pro. Everyone loved her sweet spirit and excellent musicianship. And we still sing her songs."
Kelvin Gillette, Music Pastor Stonebridge Church, Omaha Nebraska

"I love that Evie*s work is not your typical 4/4 pop drive! Its energy, groove and worship qualities are outstanding. "

"Evie Haskell paints a beautiful picture of Mary Magdalene*s grace, hope and faith as she poured out her perfume for the Master. Here we are called to do the same..."
Review of Evie*s song, "Longing to Worship"worshipleader.com (March 2006)

"Evie Haskell brings a fresh and vibrant sound to worship and praise. From the first time I heard her sing, I sensed she had been given the gift of music. Evie is the real deal! Her faith in Christ is real, her love for people, --genuine and her music, -- passionate. Her music helps you get your eyes off of the challenges of life and on to the Author of your faith. Evie not only has a powerful voice, but a powerful message of hope, help and healing."
Rev. Bill Wilson, Superintendent Oregon Assemblies of God

"I listen to your CD every day. The words encourage me when things are hard. Until Then is the song that encourages me the most, but each song has helped me through something and it is hard for me to pick a favorite. I let a friend borrow the CD and I didn*t get it back for like a month. She wouldn*t give it back because she loved it. I finally told her to buy her own....Keep writing your music! You are so talented!"
College Student