Firebrand Worship - website

Mission Statement

To lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


FIREBRAND began as the worship team at Lakeside Assembly in Eastman, GA. Seeing that something special was beginning to happen at Lakeside, FIREBRAND decided to move outside the 4 walls of the church! With passionate, original songs written from the heart of Lakeside, as well as songs that you've heard many times before, but taken to another level; FIREBRAND brings something new and fresh to the worship world! Here is what Derek Barron, the lead singer and worship pastor at Lakeside had to say, "Our heart is for people. Our goal is to lead those people into the presence of God. The fact that we get to do that with music is crazy! If people do not encounter God when we play, we feel responsible." The members of FIREBRAND are more than just a worship band; they are a family. No matter how much they play or where they play you will still find them on Sunday morning leading worship at Lakeside Assembly!