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Mission Statement

ION's goal is to write personal and politcal songs of faith and praise.
Our focus is to lyrically explore the deeper meaning of 'being a Christian', to understand that all is not always rosy when it comes to our personal faith life, and seeking the biblical answers to the issues that face Christians today.
Sonically ION's goal is to write emotionally driven pop-rock, with focus on beautiful melodies and soaring choruses.
In everything ION does, we strive to promote and praise our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!


The band ION actually started in 2004 on the 407 highway just north of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Singer/guitarist Paul Vanhuisstede was giving keyboardist/singer Tim Kieft a ride to a hockey game in Toronto. Paul had been mainly just writing songs for the past year, and Tim, who was in a praise and worship band and was interested in playing more ˜non-praise-and-worship" type music, got to talking and decided to start playing together. Soon after, Mike Nederveen, who had been in the praise and worship band with Tim, was added to the fold as another guitarist/singer. This version of the yet unnamed ION lasted for about a month before Paul recruited his old bass player from their previous band NVS. Bert Nyenhuis, however, had since changed over to playing drums and so another ex-praise-and-worship band member Dan Hartman was brought in to play bass. The name ION, was thought up by keyboardist Tim, the meaning of the name is open for interpretation, including a group that is electrified by gaining another member, but the main idea of having our "eye on the prize", or our "eye on Christ" seems the most fitting for us as a band.

The goal of the band was unanimous. With an effort to write accessible Christian music, with emphasis on strong songwriting and relevant lyrics, ION does not want people listening to them only because they are
Christian, but rather because of the quality of the songs and lyrics.
ION tries very hard to make themselves available for fund raisers in the Hamilton community, most recent benefit show for Haiti raised over $10,000 for mission relief in that country!

Both ION's debut cd "Positive" and 2009's "Return To Sender" have been very well received, epic pop/rock with emotive instrumentation and soaring choruses are the main focus musically of the band.
The band have begun the writing process for material for album number 3.

WE hope to serve the Lord for many more years with the talents he has blessed us with!