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Mission Statement

"Shout with joy to God, all the earth!
Sing to the glory of his name;
Offer him glory and praise!
Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds!"

Music is God's gift to us. When we are hardened it twists its way into our soul and softens us. When we are happy it adds joy and refreshes. When we least anticipate it, music and lyrics bring us to a repentance we never expected and stirs us to begin again as it softens, calms and soothes our hearts.

Four thousand years ago King David sang these songs and found the truth of music. The tunes were different but these were his words. His words and those of Frances Havergal, the prophet Joel and Apostle Peter echo through the years, as true now as ever before.

I hope as you listen to these songs; to the words of many voices rising...that the words of a thousand years and the music of yesterday and today will carry you through and refresh your wonder of God.


Jon was born in Lismore, NSW, Australia on 11 March 1963. Raised in the Baptist Church, Jon was taught piano by an 80 year old widow from his church who charged $1 an hour for lessons and gave every cent to Missions. Sadly, Jon was a cause of great angst to her and undoubtedly the source of many of her prayers. However, much later and after much practice, Jon now plays piano (very well) in addition to trumpet, sax and flute.

After 6 years as a chorister at St Andrews Cathedral School, Sydney, Jon trained as a classical tenor (Bel Canto) and has performed professional opera and sung as a soloist tenor. He has also played piano in restaurants for many years and was the Musical Director for various revues playing the Sydney club circuit.

In addition to his secondary schooling at St Andrews Cathedral School, Jon attended the NSW State Conservatorium of Music (1983 Bachelor of Music Education & 1986 Piano Tuning) and Macquarie University (1987 - 1989 Honours in Ancient History; New Testament and English Literature).

Jon is a gifted lyricist and composer, having written all of the songs from his 3 cds, All My Desire (1987), Wind of God (2004) and Voices Rising (2009).