Bob King/Sue Bielec of Mercy & Manna Music

Mission Statement

Meryc and Manna Music is music to celebrate the Lord and nourish your soul !
The inspiration and lyrics for the songs of Mercy & Manna Music come from the uniquely powerful poetry of Sue Bielec. As a survivor of horrific abuse, Sue's poetry reflects the long and difficult journey of recovery and the deep healing tenderly ministered to her by the Lord.
We want hurting people to know that no matter what you've done, or how deep the pain, God is deeper still; and none of what you bring to the Lord for healing is ever a surprise to Him. He doesn't condemn you for having those dark places in your heart - He longs to heal you to your very depths; it's why He died.


Bob King, vocalist

Choral conductor for 30 years
Minister of worship & music for 20 years
Private instructor of piano and voice for 10 years

Nine years of private piano instruction
Four years private instruction in voice
Bachelor of Arts, with Distinction in Music, San Diego University
Master of Church Music at Western Seminary, Portland, OR