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Expressing God's Love Through Music


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I've been writing songs for years and have performed at some churches in my home town area. While that's always enjoyable, I think the most useful and rewarding time of performing my music was between 2000 and 2005 when I was working with sexually, mentally, and physically abused and abandoned children in a residential treatment facility under the umbrella of the Catholic Charities and the Department of Children and Family Services. I was a "Family Educator" and "Youth Care Worker" which allowed me to teach the youth, their parents, siblings, other relatives and their friends, appropriate behavior and interactions in order to provide the children with a more nourishing, loving, caring home environment and lifestyle. One of the homes I worked in for about four years housed seven to twelve year olds who were labeled as sexually reactive, meaning they had been traumatized sexually in one way or another. The worst time of day for them was always at bed-time because that was when most of their abuse had taken place at home. Many of them would begin acting up, misbehaving, in order to get the attention of a staff member. We had three or four staff to take care of the ten children in the home. As a child would act up, a staff member would focus on that one youth and pull up a chair into the bedroom doorway of that child and talk or read bedtime stories until they calmed down. One night I brought my guitar and played and sang some of my original inspirational songs to the child I was working with. The next night, one of them asked me if I was going to sing some of my "God Songs", which I did happily. It became a nice bedtime ritual which seemed to calm the whole house. Soon, the program manager heard how well these songs were received and how much the children enjoyed the guitar and singing. In a short time I convinced the program manager to buy ten junior sized guitars for the home and I began giving the youth group guitar lessons. In the daytime group sessions, we would sometimes play one of my songs to launch a group discussion about a relevant topic of the day.

Fast forward to 2004. I learned a month before it happened that the program for this group of children was going to be closing down. The youth were all going to be placed in foster homes or returned to their family.
I wanted to give them a going away present, so I decided to record a cd with the songs that I sang to them at night time. As God would have it, the album got completed just one day before the closing of the home and I was able to give them each their own copy of the album that they had unknowingly, yet so apporpriately entitled, "God Songs".

It's surprising how often I think and even dream of those children and wonder how they are doing. I didn't know why God was sending me those songs, but He sure helped me put them to good use. And now, I have a feeling God might want me to share these songs with you and the rest of the world to help spread His word by Expressing God's Love Through Music. It's my honor to make this first offering of His music to you through Indie Heaven, in a genre of music I affectionately call "Christian-Country" with a song the abused children entitled "God Songs". May God Bless us all and continue to shine His light through us.