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Mission Statement

To give myself away...To become smaller so God can become bigger in my life...To believe less and less in myself and more and more in the Maker of everything and redeemer of my soul.


David was born into a musical family and still vividly remembers a specific lullaby sung to him by his mother, Lois, affectionately known as "Twiddle" in North Carolina where she grew up. She instilled a love of music in him and passed along her musical talent to both of her sons.

Before David was born, Lois had the pleasure of being a part of a variety show on television in North Carolina and David grew up hearing her play her guitar and sing with her lovely voice.

In David's late teens, God started putting songs on his heart. Soon after, David began to teach himself to play the guitar as a way to bring the melodies and words to life that were flowing through him. At first, he considered learning the piano rather than the guitar but figured a guitar was easier to carry into the woods when he was inspired to write. Music has always held a special place in David's heart and life. Now that his mom is Home with the Lord, it has grown even sweeter as she lives on through that legacy. He will never forget the lullaby she sang to him as a baby and he hummed back to her as she was getting ready to pass from this life to the next.

David reflects on the gifts he's been given by saying, "At times, I have not been a great example of a Christian growing up although I always loved God and somehow instinctively just knew He was there. But my life a lot of times didn't match what I said I believed and sadly, many times I was not distinguishable from someone who did not have Christ in their life. And still, God gave me music. Maybe He just did it so He could talk to me. Music is medicine to my soul and hopefully to others. You can say things to people in song that they would not listen to in plain words. Maybe God used that same idea to speak a direct line into my heart, speaking to me in song so I too might hear Him and then in turn that song could be used to speak to others. When I am playing guitar and singing...that is when I feel the closest to God."

Besides writing songs, David also loves to journal. In 2001, he started a journal about lessons in everyday life with the intention of giving it as a gift to his daughters in his later years so they would know what their dad thought about things. The purpose was to give them a glimpse of him even after he was gone, to bring comfort and courage to them by leaving an actual piece of his heart behind in words. But God kept pressing David to share it more widely as a blessing to anyone who wished to read. The hope is that these stories will spark thoughts about God's constant involvement and intervention in our lives and stir a sense of how much He cares about every detail that is important to us. It has been said that pain in our lives creates a "sacred wound" that the Lord can use to touch others in their times of difficulty.

As you share David's experiences, thoughts and questions about life, he hopes you will feel less alone and comforted by our Father in heaven who loves us all so deeply. More than we can ever imagine.

David's book, "Pieces of My Heart" was published in late 2011. You can view 5 of the 82 stores as well as many other stories written since the book was released at the following site. www.davidwoodbooks.com/blog

David resides in Nampa, Idaho with his wife, Denice, and works as an engineer at Micron Technologies. He is the proud father of 6 beautiful daughters and "Papa Dave" to 7 grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girl. He enjoys almost any sport, especially softball and racquetball, and also enjoys recreational time on his boat with family and friends. One of his greatest joys is serving as a guest worship leader at churches in his local area.

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