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Mission Statement

I have discovered that following Jesus and listening to His plan for my life is the only way to live. I wandered away from my Christian upbringing and beliefs to try and find a greater meaning in life, but what I found out was that Jesus Christ is the only way to find what life has to offer.
Jesus' love for me never faltered even when I was ignoring his voice. It is my greatest desire to bring the message and hope of Jesus to all who will listen!


Abbie Stands is an inspirational Christian singer from Columbus, Ohio who has started touring in support of her debut album, Hope Comes Running. Abbie has teamed with Creative Soul Records and producer Eric Copeland in the creation of this project. Hope Comes Running includes contributions from several esteemed composers, musicians and engineers including Ronnie Brookshire (Nicole Nordeman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Bebe and Cece Winnans), Brian Green, Robert Sterling, and Lowell Alexander.

Whether she is leading a worship service, performing in concert, or playing for a women's brunch Abbie enjoys ministering to people and connecting with them. Abbie's musical training began when she was still a child and continued into college where she majored in vocal performance, it was not until after college that Abbie felt the Lord drawing her to use her music for Him.

Abbie says, "After college I found myself lost, because I had strayed from my relationship with God and I did not know where my life was going. As my life was falling apart the Lord drew me to Him and I realized that every hope I have and will have stems from the Lord. It was not until my Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer that I truly felt the Lord drawing me to use my music and voice to bring hope to the hopeless, to uplift the hearts of His children, and above all to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Since then I have been striving to do all those things with my music and ministry."

It is Abbie's prayer that she will be able to use the gifts that the Lord has given her to bring people the hope that can only be found in Christ. Abbie's ministry not only strives to bring music to churches, but also to support the music ministries within the churches at which she is serving.