Michael Mathews

Mission Statement

To exalt the LORD and edify His people through song.


Who am I? I've been a Christian for about 36 years. Been playing keyboard for about 40 years. Singing, about 7 years. Attempting to write songs for about 20 years, mostly as a "hobby". I've been music director at a Bilingual church for 4 1/2 years. Currently, leading music at a small church where I am experimenting with a new music format.
I've been a part of 4 music groups over the last 27 years. We sang Christian songs, gospel songs, blues, and originals. In 1995 I was able to place 2 of my songs on a Nationally Distributed Gospel CD by an independant record label called "The Gospel Music Underground", located in NJ. It has since ceased operation.
I am a big believer in variety because I tend to get bored doing or singing the same things over and over. Hence, why I've not bought any new worship CD's in several years. This is reflected in my song writing/recording/arranging. I have deliberatly written my songs differently than what is normally found in churches. Yea, I understand that this will probably limit the interest in my songs, but that is OK. If only 1 person is encouraged by a song, I willl be glad.
In reviewing my songs, you will find an eclectic mix of many different styles: rock, Hip Hop, ballad, electronica, orchestral. Since I value variety, I have used a mixture of real instruments, synth loops, drum machines, real percussion, and various microphones and processing in these songs.
are they really any good? you decide that!