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Mission Statement

I've been in high-energy rock bands all my life-now, even though I'm retired, I'm leading several Prison Ministry Bands as well as playing in church every week...

so yeah, I'm still rockin'... for Jesus!


Barry Hanson is an artist/musician/songwriter who, after many years of being trapped in the hippie drug-culture of the 1960's and 70's, became a born-again Christian and, called into ministry, now serves on rockin' music and worship teams both inside and outside the church.

"You're just using Jesus as a crutch to get off of drugs," the drummer said when Barry quit his rock band out in California. It was true. Jesus DID replace his drug and alcohol addictions and gave him a whole-new purpose in life.

Presently a retired-granddad, Barry set-up his own recording studio to produce all the many songs he's written over the years-but never able to record while raising his six kids. The artist in him has now driven him into create YouTube videos to help people engage with him, viewing screens (like in church) with all the projected lyrics.

"Thanks for being my friend. You encourage me to keep going in spite of all the trials and obstacles. God Bless You." -Barry