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Mission Statement

I wish to bless the body of Christ by creating Christian songs that reflect the heart of our Father and the power of the Cross. Music has always been my savior. I believe worship strengthens my bond with God tremendously.

This original CCM is influenced by the pure analog sounds of Classic 70s Rock music in Praise and Worship format. It was produced by Gabriel Wilson, a well-known producer who has written and produced numerous albums which include those of Bethel Music.


Music has always been my savior. I believe worship strengthens my bond with God tremendously. I have always had a strong passion for music, starting with learning guitar. My guitar is a symbol of my connection with God; the instrument serves as a vessel of God's voice through music.

Though I've cycled through many guitars, only one has withstood the test of time. My treasured yet idle Les Paul electric guitar was brought out once again, only this time to worship the Lord. In 2002, I'd been welcomed to the main local church's worship team, where my relationship with God and music transformed. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, I realized that God compelled me to save the guitar for it to be strummed once again to glorify Him.

In the past, my focus was on secular musical genres. My music interests included classic rock, blues, and jazz. I had composed many songs with an 8 track analog recorder in the 80s and 90s but never truly considered sharing my work. I was a closeted musician, my original songs were for my own enjoyment and satisfaction.

My inspiration to write and sing CCM in the recent decade comes from God directly. I have been brought back to music to worship Him in front of a church congregation. In this more pure, intimate set up, I don't feel pressure. Rather, my music comes with ease as the Holy Spirit flows within; the inspirational music and lyrics gracefully arrive as ideas in a very free-flowing, peaceful process.