Rinkydink Inc. - website

Mission Statement

Rinkydink Inc. Is a group of multitalented and multipersonality christian comediens ministers/artists...


They exist for the purpose of using their gifts for the King and His kingdom. "We are ministers first, not Christian entertainers. It just so happens we are rather funny and talented".

Their first album/cd/casette/8track "A little help from my friends" is a compilation of work that has been in the oven for a number of years. "We decided it was time to get it out before it burned totally and got crispy around the edges". "This is a work of comedy that we pray will reach the lost and make Christians squirm in their pew".

Each of the members of the first CD were equally involved in the production contributing with music, impersonations and writing material. They believe that when used properly, comedy can be a profound tool for communication. "When people are laughing you know they are listening".

We are presently working on their second project "Fruits of the Spirit". We have 15 cuts completed. "We are in the home stretch and almost ready to go to press". Hey what do want from a group with the name Rinkydink Inc. "We have concluded a long time ago there are no big shots in the kingdom but Yeshua (Jesus). We all fall short of God's glory (Rm 3:23)so who are we trying to impress, shouldn't it be the Lord.