4 Da Love Productions

Mission Statement

To produce and create positive soulful music with a spiritually conscious message to match!


Genesis7 (Producer) and K-Sera (Emcee/Producer) are 4 Da Love Productions. They are a Hip Hop duo straight out of the windy city of Chicago. The two met while both studying Engineering at the University of Illinois. With both having a love for good positive soulful music, years after graduation the two decided to take their musical aspirations to the next level and the partnership of 4 Da Love Productions was born!

They both continue to work on other solo projects as well, but still keep this key partnership their first priority. In addition to music production, K-Sera works on projects involving video editing live sound, and various areas of media ministry. Genesis7 continues to enlarge his list of artists who he has produced ranging from Gospel, Hip Hop, to R & B, and Pop artists (www.genesis7productions.com ). 4 Da Love Productions channels their wide ranging talents and interests into the shared goal of producing quality faith based music, and leveraging their gifts for God's glory.

"The First 7" is the culmination of years of the casual pursuance of their interest to develop a finished product that would exemplify their love for real Hip Hop. The project has been in the works for quite some time, and has on many occasions been put on hold in an effort to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles. Both members maintain an eventful professional and personal life. They both have leveraged their degrees in engineering to obtain positions as high level managers in engineering related fields. In addition they are husbands, fathers, active in their respective churches, and active in their Fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Inc.).

The time has finally arrived for their passion for music to result in a project that brings a soulful urban sound combined with inspirational content. They are looking to go beyond the limits of today's Hip Hop by fusing a spiritually uplifting message through intellectually stimulating, lyrically agile style of spoken word and Hip Hop. This combination along with their neo-soul influenced tracks, and talented guest singers (L. Gray & Katrice Walker) provide a uniquely contagious grown folks Hip Hop vibe. If you're into the real, and appreciate music that takes you to a better place than where you were before you listened, then 4 Da Love Production's E.P. "The First 7" is for you.