Like Minds

Mission Statement

Like Minds exists to profess and proclaim the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is our desire to share this through our music and our ministry.


Jeff Flermoen (Like Mind):
I became a follower of Jesus at the age of 14, in a town in northern Minnesota. I have been a musician since 19, playing in several bands and church praise teams. I have always had a desire to write and compose, mostly because i have always had a burning desire to express that gift God has given. And to express it back to Him is a profound feeling that I treasure.
I met Ken (Like Mind) many years ago and was privileged to do many projects together over the years, and am especially pleased with our "Like Mind" project. hope you like it!

Ken Whitson (Like Mind)
I grew up in church, but didn't make a deep commitment to the Lord until later. When I was 20, I felt God gently tugging at me to return to Him (I was playing on the road in a bar band at the time). The journey hasn't always been so smooth, and I've felt the Lord's tough love a few times. But I've always experienced His kindness and faithfulness. That's what I strive to write about: God's grace and mercy for sinners.
Jeff is a great friend, and the "iron" who sharpens me. He's also the most prolific songwriter I know. It's an honor to work with him on the Like Minds project.

Karen Spencer (Like Mind)
Too many days of my life have been spent as a lukewarm Christian; reason enough for God to spit me out. Yet his mercy and love have urged me closer to His welcome arms and eternal promises. I wrote my first lyrics and melody at the age of 9 and practiced by serenading my sisters to sleep at night until they begged mother to make me shut up. While I believe my passion for writing is part of my DNA, it was only recently that I humbly approached my longtime friend, Ken Whitson, to ask him to partner with me in bringing my lyrics and words out of the closet. What an honor to be seated with Jeff and Ken, two fabulous musicians and Like minds.