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Mission Statement


THE MISSION: Championing the underdog to wholeness and Christ empowerment through the mountain-moving faith in Jesus Christ.

THE TESTIMONY: Anita Ferrer's radically transformed life becomes more so with her almost three year battle with Dystonia & Lyme Disease. The former painfully shy, plain-Jane-bi-racial girl who transcended child abuse, eating disorders, low-self-esteem, domestic violence & divorce has faced her latest almost three-year nemesis, Dystonia/Lyme Disease, experiencing a new insight into the challenging lives of the handicapped. Forthcoming is her book, "Arise From Your Graves" about her experiences and progress continues with the recording of her two CDs, "Mod prophet,, a voice for this generation and her latest worship work, "The Anointing".


ANITA FERRER, Asbury Park Angel
A life found!

Contrast A word that specifically defines the difference of life lost and life found. ANITA FERRER, singer/songwriter/fashion designer has concentrated on bringing the many extensions of both her life experience and her gifts into one space. The transformation that she has gone through has overshadowed the many struggles. All the while, giving ANITA a firm platform to write about, photograph, speak on, stand upon and sing out loud. With a belief rich in relationship with her Creator, Anita moves freely, upward and outward. The true flight of an artist that is free to create.

Born in Germany, eldest of three sisters Anita's life has been shaped by her past, present and now future. The flux of her music tells this story out loud through song. With a distinct sound that has been shaped by way of influences from the world of jazz, rock, Latin and folk, the artistry of ANITA FERRER is as unique as her music. "My gift is to help everyone discover their greatness!" exclaims Anita. Her musical influences include Evanescence, Jewel, Alanis Morissette and Heart, to name a few. The songwriter part of her brings forth prolific words spoken by an artist that truly wants to polish the mirror for all to clearly see what was and what can be. With songs like "Shelter in the Rain", she helps to put directive signs on the road that life steers you on. The lyrics of "Brand New Beautiful" speak for itself, words that every young girl/woman who has struggled with the view they have of themselves can relate to. With true conviction to both her venture and her vision, Anita Ferrer is an artist that will deliver.

ANITA, experiencing life before in an afflicted cocoon, has now entered the stage in metamorphosis that brings freedom, flight and the desire to fly. Having played in acclaimed jazz houses such as The Oakland House Restaurant, Red Bank, Cool Beans Coffeehouse, Toms River, along with appearances at the Clearwater Jazz & Blues Festivals, Asbury Park, NJ, she is not a newcomer to her genre. Robert Greco, administrator, Universal Rehabilitation, Livingston, NJ, beams, "Anita - thanks so much for all the kind words and your relentless giving. It is people like you that make Universal such a special place." The struggle of those with physical handicaps inspired her to write, "Nobody Sees."

Melding her gift of fashion and photography with her music has brought another value to her vision. Her overall goal is to work with those who have been exposed to the challenges and difficulties that attach themselves to young life. Using these modes to witness to youth regarding real victory over peer pressure, self-confidence, eating disorders, chastity, child abuse, domestic violence and the aspect of transformation with a life filled with Christ, ANITA speaks from experience, thus showing, through all her gifts, a life that has experienced change resulting in freedom.

Her upcoming plans include bringing to her audience her current venture, the MOD PROPHET CD, A Compelling Voice for This Generation, which expose absolute truths and ways to overcome. A true "out of the box" rendering of "been there, worn that tee-shirt" and how to receive a whole new line of change to wear. Whether you tune into or spin one of Anita's four cd's, or purchase one of her creative fashions or photographs for your pleasure, you will find that the word "contrast" truly connects with your senses. You would be remiss to not choose this experience and see what change, with a life of newness can domino to you!

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