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Mission Statement

My greatest desire is to minister to the believer and non-believer. In a world that is constantly changing, so many people are seeking spirituality...a sense of being. The hunger for God is so evident by the influx of conferences, retreats, books, film, and music. My prayer is that God continues to use His purpose in me and through my debut project "The East Side Psalmbook" to reach people of all nations; to share my testimony of God's love, grace, and mercy.


Many stories and opinions have been raised about children who are "PK's" (Pastor's Kids) but songwriter and vocalist, Stevvi Alexander, the daughter of a Pentecostal Bishop, faced her challenges head on, using music as her arsenal, to become one of the most sought after background vocalists in the music industry. While her passion lies in ministry to the lost and the wounded in the body of Christ, Stevvi's debut album, titled "The East Side Psalmbook", takes you on a musical journey through the stages of her own life that lead her to a closer walk with God and a desire for a deeper relationship with Him.

Produced by award-winning production duo Hollins Steele (The Steele Factory), "The East Side Psalmbook" combines acoustic melodies and rich textures with subtle upbeat grooves that create her signature Contemporary sound. "The East Side Psalmbook" is a musical work that is timely and relevant. The project which is slated for a Summer 2008 release, will be accompanied by a mini-tour scheduled for the latter part of the year in order to continue promotional efforts of the album.

Stevvi, originally from Los Angeles, CA grew up around gospel music and sung in as many local choirs as she could find. Through college Stevvi continued to expand her range of music knowledge, ability, and experience by competing in competitions like ACT-SO and the McDonald's Gospel Fest. Her talent caught the eye of Motown's first R&B Diva, Diana Ross who extended to Stevvi a special invitation to join her on a European Tour. Over the next 10 years, she would tour extensively around the world, as well as making several television appearances on major networks with artists such as Macy Gray, Mya, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Brian McKnight, Britney Spears, Kenny Lattimore, Anastascia, Patti LaBelle, Jessica Simpson, Chante Moore, Fantasia, Nelly Furtado, Patti Austin, RES and Gwen Stefani to name a few. Stevvi is currently on tour with nine-time Grammy-Award winner Sheryl Crow through mid-September 2008.

Stevvi is an artist who is excited about ministering to existing believers as well as connecting with non-believers. "When I was growing up, " Stevvi says, "one of the main things that kept me involved in the church world was music, specifically groups like Commissioned and the Winans." "These groups were speaking my language and appealing to my youth while heavily ministering life and the Word of God. It is my hearts desire to offer that same ministry to today's youth, so that they can feel relevant and heard while serving Christ. Additionally, there are so many people who don't realize how cool Christianity is and they need to see (and hear) a movement of young, involved and progressive people who identify themselves as followers of Christ."

Finally Stevvi says, "I NEED music in my life as a center with my belief as the foundation. Growing up in a restrictive household was tough and music in my life was the only thing that spoke to me. It WAS my identity." Music is the language through which Stevvi speaks and it is her hope that someone, somehow will benefit from her expression and sincerity.

Experience the Movement. Stevvi Alexander ... Coming Summer 2008