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Mission Statement

"...I don't know what you have planned, but I know it will be beautiful. The future I have in my hands, I lay before you now so You can stand..." ~ I Fell in Love with You

PassionatePursuit was born out of beautiful surrender to an Almighty Father. The heart behind PassionatePursuit is to challenge listeners, of all backgrounds, to consider the necessity & the joy of entrusting their heart to the One who created it. By sharing raw lyrics based on life experiences, married to a personal style of uplifting, quirky, and lulling composition, PassionatePursuit hopes to inspire broken, wandering souls to find their way back home.


PassionatePursuit originated with Katelyn Michelle Parson (Katie), who's name means one who is pure, close to God, and serves. There is certainly nothing more important to Katie than those three things. She was born in Tampa, Florida, moved to New Orleans, LA before Katrina and evacuated upon its entry to land. Armed with her parents, pseudo-grandparents, and bountiful stuffed animals, she moved back to Florida, where her family prayed - what next, Lord? This prayer led them to Smyrna, DE, 3 hours south from where she would attend Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA and eventually grow roots, largely in part to her home church, Crossroads Community. Katie's first complete song, written at age 15, was a passionate plea to her soul to "keep the faith" during turbulent times. A common theme among her songs is to trust God and give Him your all, even when life seems to fall apart around you. Another theme you might come across is the realness of temptation and the power of Christ in overcoming it. Each song comes from a place of her introspection and passionate desire to follow after the heart of God. Katie currently serves as a music director in local Mechanicsburg, PA, and has the joy of seeing PassionatePursuit's foundation being laid with like-minded friends, faith, prayer, and hard work. She hopes to see her music used as a tool to lead the lost home. And someday, she hopes it will be a launching pad for physically helping people in a place of difficulty through the creation of a nonprofit, multi-organization coffeeshop that will serve her community.

"Thank you for getting to know me a little! It would be my joy to know you, and to keep you updated on PassionatePursuit's coming events! Feel free to send me a message, and stay connected through my Facebook Page - God is always doing great things, and I look forward to sharing that with you. Be blessed in His grace!" ~ Katie