Jeffrey S Brock

Mission Statement

I write songs for people I meet, and also about my own life experiences.
I've been battling health issues for a long time now.
Mostly Inspirational and Faith type Ballads. I play a Yamaha Tyros keyboard, sax, and record with Reason 9.5 DAW.
I played trumpet and sax growing up in church for 18 years. I lost a lung in 2000. I had to give up wind instruments, so I turned to keyboard and software instruments.Since then, I've had a serious stroke in 2016, and have slowly regained my speech and thought process.


I was a travelling electrician most of my life. I worked at Industrial plants all over United States. Unfortunately, I came in contact with chemicals and dirty environments constantly.
I was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was 38. I lost my left lung when I was 39. Since then I have had skin cancer removed several times and continue to fight cancer.
In 2015 I suffered a stroke that almost took me out. I had to learn to talk and do most things all over again.
I struggle with memory retention. I cant play live anymore. Under pressure, my mind goes blank. But I can record bits and pieces until my songs or ideas are complete.

I used to be really depressed, until I met others worse than me, that go on with life like it's normal.
I've been inspired to get up and go with what I have, and look forward, not backwards.I still battle depression from time to time. God has plans.
I have goals. Put your faith in him and he will carry you through your roughest hours.
God Bless everyone.
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