Bill Schmidt - website

Mission Statement

My Mission is to encourage others to tell their story and encourage others with it.
I believe that God has a plan A. Make Disciples. I really believe it begins with telling your story. Everyone of us has a story to tell that will make a difference to others.The songs I write are based off of Psalm 9 and Colossians 3:16 Praising God and teaching and encouraging with psalms hymns and spiritual songs.


I was raised in a mobile home. Yes it was a trailer and it moved from town to town quite often. My Dad was a migrant construction worker who moved from job to job. I spent a lot of time trying to fit in. Sometimes it worked sometimes not. I just knew their was more to life than what I was living. When I was 18 I joined the Lutheran church. I asked so many questions. One night I decided to read the Bible. (after all Christians read the Bible) I found myself in the book of John. I was wrestling with what I knew was sin and the word of God. Finally by John chapter 3 I prayed to be forgiven and asked in the name of Jesus. Being a young rocker at the time I felt like music would be my thing. It was 1979. My music didn't fly in church and music about my new found faith didn't fly with my newer friends. Lonely again I was on the outside looking in. I needed hope. God was faithful and brought me to a campus group at the University of Northern Iowa. There I found real acceptance in Christ. Their I found an outlet musically. I eventually went to Bible collage just so I could write good solid lyrics. Along the way I have pastored and led worship. currently I teach music privately and play in a prison ministry band.