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Mission Statement

Enjoying the compelling beauty of God through artistic, musical excellence.


Carrie Marshall has an amazing ability to wrap her heart and voice around a lyric, infusing each song she sings with a power and poignancy all her own. With expressiveness and sincerity, Carrie captivates listeners with the depths of her rich voice. Her poetic, faith-based pop is sometimes laced with classical piano undertones, with her original works ranging from tender, piano-based ballads to rhythmic pop-rock.

A preacher's daughter who grew up singing in the church, Carrie performed her first original piano composition for a little congregation in Boulder City, NV when she was just eight years old. A writer for as long as she could hold a pencil, Carrie began putting her poems to music in her teens, desiring to "paint truth with words and melodies". She quickly found that audiences resonated with her music as she shared her songs wherever she could find an audience, beginning at various college events to eventually opening for internationally known artists and speakers such as Babbie Mason, Louie Giglio, Chuck Colson and Beth Moore.

Between the years of 2004-2008, a move to Nashville brought Carrie to Music City, which she refers to as "songwriting boot camp". The artistic, musical community stretched Carrie both musically and spiritually. She availed herself of many opportunities, performing around town and honing her skills as a writer. People were quick to take notice of Carrie's vocal ability and emotive songs. Hit writer, Tom Douglas (Tim McGraw's "Grown Men Don't Cry"), described Carrie's song "Come What May" as ''beautifully devastating".

Carrie's new album, "Redemption", is a reflection of what God taught her while navigating the troubled waters of her life. During the last five years Carrie and her family endured several heartbreaks, from the loss of friends, betrayals, death in the family, and health issues for both her husband and herself. This was compounded by the stress of raising their three small children in a new environment without the support of family nearby. It was during this lonely time that Carrie's faith was challenged in a whole new way. She experienced doubts, fears and despair as God seemed to be silent during this difficult time.

"I felt like I was beginning to relate to King Solomon in his search for the meaning of life," Carrie stated. "My beliefs were challenged and I was taking a good hard look at my faith, at God and at myself. I didn't always like what I saw," Carrie shared honestly.

Indeed, just by looking at some of the song titles, such as "Vanity of Vanities", "Chase the Wind", and "The End of the Matter", one will find varying themes from Solomon's book of Ecclesiastes woven throughout the album. "Though written thousands of years ago, Solomon deals with the struggles and joys common to all of humanity. What he has to say is applicable to us in the 21st century. And besides," Carrie quips, "they say Solomon was a pretty smart guy. Maybe we can learn something from him."

"Redemption" takes the listener on a journey from struggle to hope. With bold and honest lyrics, catchy hooks, aching ballads and soaring inspiration, Carrie Marshall has written a collection of songs that will cause listeners to think, laugh, cry and rejoice, inviting fellow travelers to join her on the quest to find satisfaction in Christ alone.