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Mission Statement

I want to share the love of Christ with everyone I meet. I want everyone to know how deep Jesus' love is and that He will always take care of us in our time of need. He is so very faithful and merciful. I always want my music and my performances to be about the audience and I worshiping Jesus Christ together. Christian music should be about showing our audiences how deeply Jesus loves them and getting to praise Him for all of His blessings. Let's praise Him for his goodness together!


I've always loved singing ever since I was young. I had some great music teachers that developed my love for singing. My grandma also taught me a lot because she helped me learn how to play her keyboard. Ever since I accepted Jesus into my life at age 14, I had such a deep desire to share the love of God with every single person I met. I was constantly praying for the salvation of souls and for people to understand how much God loves them. I have always felt a calling to serve God, but I've always been attracted to music ministry because I can share my talent and love of God with the world. I'm currently studying English at Bradley University.