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Mission Statement

To Use all My Talents and abilities to see as many people get saved and not go to hell as possible


Born on March 31, 1957, in Irvington, NJ 8:37 PM I almost made it as an April fools baby missed it by 3.5 hours! My mother had 6 kids, Matthew and Cindy I was 1st born we were twins, Susan and Steven, 2 years later her 2nd set of twins and then 2 years later Richard, and then 2 years later Mark. My mother was always loving and supportive of my music. I was saved at age 8 when I was at a revival meeting at First Baptist Church in Dover, NJ, 1962 under the direction of Addison J. Horn head pastor.

I was married in 1982 after November 9th my daughter Kara was Born, Although I married my wife two time both marriages did not work out. I didn't have the patience to stay in a job, and also dropped out of college because I hated school.
It was at this time in 1998 I started Matt Mattero Ministries I felt called to the ministry as a lay pastor and concert pianist, vocalist, and impressionist for the Lord and spent most of my time in reading the bible and prayer.I have been serving for 17 years but I was unable to do very much. I also started my own business. Matt's Services I was self-employed doing PC repairs, VHS to DVD conversion, Audio and Video editing and recording, teaching voice and piano, and creating websites and web graphics all self-taught! I also became a Paralegal and am doing the business Part Time to support my Full Time Ministry where I do concerts and preach and play piano and sing. Unfortunately, my business closed due to lack of business, later my ministry ended also, but later I decided to start it up again after getting a new keyboard that was lightweight so I could play at nursing homes and other places like churches and universities, and other Christian functions and weddings etc. Many nursing homes had no pianos as they were in very bad condition and you simply cannot play them.

God has blessed me with the following abilities mostly self-taught! I can build walls, do landscaping, work as a cashier, deli, stock, bakery, dairy, sell anything....spackle, paint, do auto repairs, do acting, plumbing and electrical repairs, do voice overs, dance, do web and other graphics, do paralegal work specializing in criminal/family/landlord tenant/bankruptcy and video and audio recording, and I am an audio and video engineer and producer, I am a web designer/webmaster, mainframe computer specialist, PC guru can fix any pic and build Them from scratch, write commercial jingles, movie soundtracks, teach voice and piano, I am a concert pianist who plays gospel, jazz and classical and have written over 1000 poems and songs, I also play trumpet, drums, tympani, harmonica, recorder, oboe, clarinet, and do over 100 impressions and over 20 singing impressions of famous people..

Since getting well I have playing piano full time for my church, and having bible study every Monday night with Rev. Ken Knapp and his wife Ruth Ann who are great friends of ours.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I pray that this would be an encouragement to you to NOT GIVE UP and wait for the Lord to heal you because he will IN HIS TIME!

I found a wonderful gal that I married Sept. 19, 2012, she paid off all my debts. I was without a car and was living on just $12,000 a year and could no longer pay all my bills and was facing death without a place to live and without a car. I would've lost all my possessions.....It was Just by the grace of God that he sent me my angel from heaven Linda!

I am on FIRE for Jesus and witness to everyone I meet even people on the phone and businesses and telemarketers and complete strangers as I do not want to see anyone go to HELL!.... If you are reading this right now and are not sure if you died today if you are going to Heaven or not please cut and paste this link into your browser and read it and accept Jesus as your Savior! .

God is Good All the time and He sent me an angel to save my life and I thank God every day for Linda and for Jesus!

Blessings in Christ, Matt & Linda Mattero