Mike McGrath

Mission Statement

Mike McGrath has a heart for worship and desires to use music to encourage and uplift believers and to reach those who are seeking something more out of life. He truly believes that the something more is a relationship with Jesus.


Mike McGrath is a husband, father and, musician. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 15. Until that point he ran from Christ and chased his own desires until he challenged God to change his life. Needless to say God was up to the challenge and McGrath gave his life over to the one who knows what to do with it. After handing his heart to Jesus a fire to sing praise was ignited. He first learned to play guitar at age sixteen when a man named Darrell Fox offered free lessons to the youth group at church. From that point on McGrath has played on worship teams and had a brief stint in a christian rock band. Now he steps out on his own to share music inspired by real life experiences and spiritual battles he has fought.