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Mission Statement

"My desire is to live at the threshold of God's presence and to bring others there through His mysterious, divine, and unspeakable gifts of music. My mission is to bring people to a place of stillness so that they may experience the peace and presence of God. "


Della is a pianist whose music will bring you in to the light through the touch of the ivory. "after His own heart", a collection of music that speaks volumes through the fingers of Della, has been receiving national acclaim in the past months. This album is touching lives in many areas and cultures. With a Master's Degree in Piano Performance from UC's Conservatory, a seat in the Middletown Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Cincinnati music personality Carmon Deleone, and accompanying the Cincinnati Ballet, Della's abilities are vast. From the first note, though, you begin to realize there is so much more. Abiding, beholding, listening. When you listen to the music of Della, the sound that comes through is three-dimensional. It touches every part of you, including the air surrounding you and the soul within. The feeling it breaths forth is pure, extravagant, simple, and elegant all at the same time. her musical style has been described as both passionate and "full of peace", states Elizabeth Elliot, Author/Radio Host. Della's repetoire is vast, but her talent spreads even farther, to include self-composed and produced pieces in both of her projects. "Origins", her sophomore project is a diverse collection of vocal and instrumental lullabies celebration life, adoption, and being a child of God. This album being yet another measure of the whole that makes the music of Della complete. "With the desire to live on the threshold of God's presence", Della has shared her gift with audiences across the nation, bringing the essence of the Lord forth through her music for all to experience. Not hearing her play is something you will find regretful. Being there, at the realm with her is something you will never forget! Soli Deo Gloria!