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Mission Statement


Al Mahan is a pastor, singer/songwriter, performer from Smithville, TN.
He has been involved in various ministries as youth director, music director
and has pastored Faith Baptist Church, Smithville the last 20 years.

He performs hundreds of concerts each year.This means that he has
had the pleasure of singing for, inspiring, and bringing laughter to tens of
thousands of people this year.

In addition to numerous humor filled concerts at churches and civic events,
Al has directed much of his talents toward seniors - performing many times three of four concerts a day.
These concerts are filled with humor, parodies, impersonations, and much laughter, as he takes the folks on a
heart-warming nostalgic stroll down memory lane. These concerts are filled with the songs of yesteryear.
The lights go on, the memory is rekindled, the nostalgia is an experience that will leave the folks inspired!

Al has opened a number of times for nationally known groups such as the parody band ApologetiX
and Southern Gospel groups such as Greater Vision and Hope's Call. He sings a couple times
a year at the world famous Nashville Cowboy Church and Smokey Mountain Cowboy Church,
Al's concerts are perhaps like nothing you've seen - filled with humor, parodies, props,
impersonations (Johnny Cash/Elvis and others), guitar, slideshows, keyboard,
and perhaps some macaroni. All to impact and challenge people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Call: 615-597-5307, 615-653-8796
write: P.O. Box 770, Smithville, TN 37166