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Mission Statement

Ezekiel 1:25-28 Above the expanse was a throne of sapphire....The One on the throne looked like glowing metal full of fire....And brilliant light surrounded Him....like a rainbow
Rev. 4:2-8 The throne of God encircled by a rainbow....Day and night they never stopped saying Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, and Who is to Come

Our Logo and band name "SaFire" represents the throne of God. Our hearts are the throne of the Holy Spirit where He reigns when we know Jesus our Lord. We carry His Power, His Presence, His Word of Truth, and Love wherever we go. As we share His Word in song we can count on Him to enter the hearts of those who hear with the power of His Presence, Truth, and Love. Seeds of eternity are planted wherever we minister, seeds that don't die: "My Word will not return to Me empty until it has accomplished all that I have purposed" Isaiah 55:11.Our mission is to plant those seeds, communicating His Word thru music, lyrics, color, spirit, mind, and emotion in an excellent way. For the unbeliever- to bring them a taste of heaven so they hunger and thirst for more. For the believer - to bring them to a deeper place of worship, into the Holy of Holies, a more intimate relationship, a clearer revelation of our Lord Jesus. To be an inspiration empowering people to share their faith using their God given gifts. We look for ways to follow up and pray with people sharing our personal love of Jesus.


Jan worked as an entertainer in Califormia, Japan, and Hawaii, and toured internationally. A musician, singer, songwriter, she produces and records original songs at her studio. Her recordings include 3 nominations for Hoku Awards and 3 for HawaiiMusicAwards. Her recent single "TreeTalk" inspired by Sequoia National Park, is a conversation of trees and creatures living in them, in a Jazz/World style. "Light to Soar" written, produced, designed by Jan is a fusion of Jazz/World styles, inspired by Wildlife and National Parks. Her CD "Who Is To Come" was a top Gospel album in Hawaii, and received national airplay. "PowerPraiseHawaii" written by Orlando Tumacder, was produced, arranged, and cover design by Jan. She plays Violin, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, has taught Music workshops internationally, and currently teaches on Oahu. At 95.5FM, she hosted Voice of the Islands, Youth Alive, and Saturday Nights. Educated in music and dance since age 6, she has a BFA from the University of Michigan, and a Masters Certificate in Writing & Producing from Berklee College of Music. CDs/MP3s
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Jan is also an accomplished visual artist designing CD covers, and painting nature subjects. Artwork and photographs are at: www.finerworks.com/janshima