Thirty-Nine Thoughts - website

Mission Statement

To spread the good news of Jesus Christ through forming relationships in ministry, using music as the tool.


Hi, we are Thirty-Nine Thoughts, a contemporary Christian Rock/Worship band from Lubbock, Texas consisting of five young men that desire to be used by God to change the lives. Our desire is to be a ministry rather than a band. The music is simply the tool.

Our name is derived from the beginning of the crucifixion scene as noted in Mark 15:15 where Jesus was ordered to be flogged. Jewish law was to flog the individual with no more than 40 lashes using instruments such as the cat-o-nine-tails. So as not to exceed the number 40, the custom was to stop the flogging one lash short. During each of these 39 lashes, Jesus was thinking of you and of us in taking our sins upon Himself. Thirty-nine lashes... Thirty-Nine Thoughts. Our name was established to be a message and a ministry.

This past year we have enjoyed many highlights having played alongside great Christian artists such as Disciple, Meredith Andrews, Jonny Diaz, Shane & Shane, Josh Wilson, Leeland, Family Force 5, and Pocket Full of Rocks. We rreleased our first CD Thirty-Nine Thoughts in June of 2010. Our second CD "Simple" was released January 2011. In December of 2011, we released three new radio singles which are also avaialbe on iTunes. Our ministry verse is Psalm 115:1 which says "Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory".

Our music is from our hearts, given to us by God to advance the spreading of His Truth. That is our mission and our focus. We sincerely appreciate your support.