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Mission Statement

This music ministry was birthed in the late 1980's. As a young, born-again Christian, I began to pray..."Lord, I don't want to write songs about You, I want You to write songs through me." As I would pray, He would give me songs ... sometimes with many tears, as I would sense what the Lord was feeling ... not just songs about Jesus, but Jesus speaking through song. And they would encourage,..and challenge those that heard them, to a closer and more intimate walk with Him.


My testimony ...

I was saved in 1984 watching Christian TV. My life was a mess and I needed something, but didn't know what. When I knelt down, and prayed the prayer of salvation that night, with tears in my eyes, something changed. I went to bed that night with a peace I had never experienced before ... I felt 1000 pounds lighter!

The first few years of my walk with the Lord were better than anything I had experienced in life to this point ... the peace, the joy, the rest ... but there were still some serious "issues" ... I still played in a secular band in the bars, women, selfishness, anger, things I would watch on TV at times ... and many other issues.

One night, about two or three years after I said the sinner's prayer, as I lay down to go to sleep, the Lord gave me a "vision" or mental "picture". I saw myself, driving my "car" through life ... turning where I wanted to turn; stopping where I wanted to stop. He showed me this represented my life before I was saved. Then the scene changed, and I was still driving the "car", but now, Jesus was riding in the passenger's seat, telling me where to stop, telling me where to turn ... but I was still getting spiritual "tickets" ... my life still wasn't where it should be. He said to me "this is where you are today ... you need to pull over, and let Me drive."

You see, I had taken a trip to the "alter" ... but I had never taken a trip to my "Calvary"! I was genuinely saved ... there was peace and joy in my life like never before ... but I was still living for "me" not for Jesus ... all of my prayers were about getting what I wanted from God ... rather than finding out what God wanted from me! I believe I would had gone to heaven had I died in that state, but I wasn't very fruitful for His Kingdom. I was a "convert" ... but I wasn't a "disciple"!

As I lay there that night, I knew this was a very important decision ... to deny myself, and take up my "cross". The Lord also made it clear to me that He would not force this upon me, it had to my choice, to lay my life down, and "die to self". He also showed me that it was going to "cost me something" ... it was going to "cost me everything"! After much serious thought, I said, "yes Lord, I unconditionally surrender to You ... I give You everything ... my whole life is Yours ... open the doors You want opened, and close the doors You want closed, and give me the wisdom to know the difference!"

In the next few years, my whole life turned upside-down! I lost my job of 20 years ... I sold my house with four-car garage, my two BMW's, my sports car, and ended up living in a six foot by six foot coal cellar in someone's basement for the next four years! But in that time, I got to know Jesus like never before ... and He began to use me to minister to others ... I began to bear fruit!

I've been in inner-city ministry for almost twenty years now, He's blessed me with the privilege to pray with, and minister to thousands of people. And as I minister at the soup kitchens, the prisons, the nursing homes, the outreaches, I see people who were just like me. They've said a "sinner's prayer" but they've never taken the trip to Calvary! They can quote scriptures ... they know how to say "amen" in all the right places ... they may even be headed for heaven ... but they're not very fruitful for the Kingdom ... they've never been "crucified with Christ"! Someone led them in a prayer, patted them on the back, and said, "brother - sister, you're saved!"

And therein lies the problem in America today ... we've lost the "Message of the cross" ... most "Christians" have made a trip to the "alter" ... but have never denied themselves ... the world has never been crucified to them, and they have never been crucified to the world (Gal. 6:14) ... they've never been to their "Calvary"!

And that has been my call from the Lord ... not just to make "converts" ... but to make "disciples" ... not just to get them to "say a prayer" ... but to preach the "Message of the Cross".

God bless,
Geoff Ziegler