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Mission Statement

I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth I will make His faithfulness known to all generations! - Psalm 89


The Short Version -
Possessing the characteristic of a storyteller, weaved with the essence of this gifted musician, Mike Westendorf combines his passion for Jesus with his gift of music. An acoustic/pop/rock artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike's compelling lyrics touch the hearts of listeners as he shares the story of God's faithfulness.

With his authentic style and delivery, Mike is not your typical artist. Whether performing in an intimate gathering as an acoustic solo artist, leading worship with a small group of musicians or rocking out with the full band, he desires to make an impact he's event driven. "We don't just do concerts or play songs. We try to create meaningful, music events, connecting people through the shared moments in our life experiences; to the Hope we have in Jesus." Those shared moments, in the stories and songs, bring people closer to their Savior and to each other. This unique ability helps Mike relate to audiences of all ages.

God has blessed Mike to be where he is today: husband and father of three, meteorologist, a college campus music director at The Point of Grace, ministry consultant, motivational conference speaker and national touring musician. His latest CD "Undefined" was released in 2011 with Creative Soul Records in Nashville, Tennessee and his single "Blessed is the One," was released to national and international radio in 2012.