Joe Wamsley - website

Mission Statement

My Goal is to spread the word of God through the songs he has put on my heart with as many people as I can, and hopefully plant a seed that God will water to bring the lost to the Lord.


I got started with music as a bass player in a family band about twenty years ago. We would play at some local clubs in the area and we did this for about eight years. I came to know the Lord in 1993 when I met my wife, and a year later we were married and in 1996 we had our son Joey. I continued playing the bass until March of 2000 just before my dads passing 4/2/2000, he had encouraged me to sing, which I had never done, so I bought a guitar, and ironicly, I wrote and sang a song for him at his wake called "Here I am". Well after that the Lord continued putting songs on my heart, and a year later I released a Cd called "Father To Son" dedicated to my dad. Since then God has given me many songs and have been blessed with many opportunities to perform with some of my Christian musician friends in the tri-state area. We play at coffee houses, Churches, Christian overcomer events and for Ocean Grove Gospel music ministries, I also lead worship at my Church in Fort Lee NJ for the past 11 years. I released a second Cd called "Hands Of God" in 2006, I released a third CD "Risen Son" in 2009, I just finished my new Cd "Can You Hear My Voice" I called it that because of a pro-life song on the Cd that talks about life through the eyes of the unborn, another song "I'm An Overcomer" talks about the strength of the disabled, and the courage and faith they have as they deal with their tough situation but always having hope for the day when they will receive their new bodies and spend eternity with the Lord. So if you have a chance give a listen to some songs and I would hope they can minister to you in some way.

Thank you and God Bless you,