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Mission Statement

mission is to:
Minister Through Music
Inspire Through Testimonies
Teach Others Through Music Clinics
Revive Your Calling


Who we are
Uncut Stones is centered around the fact that God has a calling on everyone's life. Their passion is to see others reclaim their calling in their life, and to use it to bring glory to God.If you are like many people and have found that life is passing you by, then take comfort in knowing God still has a plan for you! Uncut Stones has a deep love for music, but an even deeper love to see the body of Christ rise up and be the bride we are all called to be.
This is the driving force in all that they do. When you listen to them worship you will hear songs that inspire and change you.
Their hearts desire is to help facilitate and revive the calling that is in each of us. Their name Uncut Stones is right from Deuteronomy 27:6. The Bible verse talks about Israel going into the promised land, but before they did, God had them build an altar from uncut stones. What spoke to the band was the use of common every day stones. Some of them were less than perfect even still quite dirty, but God used those stones to build the altar which would be used for their sacrifice. It paralleled our lives as Christians. We are all less than perfect and some even a little dirty in heart, but God still wants to use us to be a part of His plan. This spoke deeply into the band's heart for Christians and is the foundation for all they do. Uncut Stones is helping people to revive their calling in life, and to bring awareness that God wants to use all of us regardless of our age or abilities.