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Mission Statement

PROPHET WITHIN is first and foremost, an original Christian Rock Band ,at a divine crossroads of hearts and souls,that have been called & united at this time to minister and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, through lyric & music.


Formed in 2010,out of San Antonio,Tx, PROPHET WITHIN is the product of lives lifted up and set apart by the Lord Jesus Christ. The lyrics and music are emotional,powerful,and have a Christian base,but are not so forward or unyielding that secular listeners will reject their message,since these are the very ones that we believe God will use this ministry for.The message that resonates in each one of the life experiences & moments with God, that we've set to music,is of HOPE,REDEMPTION,SALVATION & FORGIVENESS IN A LOST WORLD, THROUGH THE LOVE OF, AND SUBMISSION TO ,THE WILL OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In addition,the band members are steadfast in their Christian beliefs and convictions with plans to share and minister at events such as Community Outreach,Youth rallies,Christian and Secular based music festivals,city & statewide events & venues,Adult & Youth correctional facilities,and any other place the Lord calls us to do His Will.