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Mission Statement

Inward Fire's mission is to honor and glorify Christ in the midst of the harsh realities that one finds on the outskirts of life.


Paul Morrison is the Worship Leader at Village Christian Fellowship in tiny Empire California. He has been writing songs and performing for nearly 25 years. Previously, he was a preschool teacher and Christian bookstore manager. He has been married and has been divorced- though not by his choosing. He deals daily with several incurable diseases and various thorns in his side, yet soldiers on because of the love and grace given him by Jesus Christ.

Manuel Morrison was born to a deaf-mute crackhead and a man serving a life sentence somewhere. At age four he was adopted by Paul's sister. By age 12 he had become so uncontrollable he was sent to live with Uncle Paul as a last resort. Manuel suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder, which is common to people who are shown no love as babies. In the ensuing six year war, Paul broke all the rules the experts have for dealing with RAD children, and also the rules of common sense. But in the course of violence, strife and terrifying unconditional love God worked a miracle. At some point in the chaos Paul gave Manuel one guitar lesson, teaching him open chords and the blues scale. Manny took it from there. In 2009, Manuel met his true love Shellby, the true miracle needed when trying to get someone who can't believe in love to believe in love. They were recently married.

Inward Fire was Paul's first band, formed in 1995 with Lance Scott, Bill Folsom and Stu Vash. The name has been resurrected because of Paul's belief that whatever good comes from anything he does is accomplished by the Holy Spirit within. They also couldn't think of anything else to name the band.