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Mission Statement

"I will bless the Lord at all times, his name forever on my lips; My soul will glory in the Lord, for he has been so good to me."


Kristin Engel Fisher was born and raised in St. Marys, a small town in western Pennsylvania. The Engel family was not only devout but also very musical. Kristin and her three siblings all took piano and learned many instruments including flute, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and tuba between the four of them. Kristin began playing the piano at age five and the organ at age eleven. This began her interest and love of religious music. Kristin found her work as an organist, pianist, and soloist even at a young age to be very fulfilling; it is here that she undoubtedly feels closest to God.

In 1992, Kristin met her future husband Don Fisher while earning a degree in English Education at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Don was working on his degree in music education. After marrying in November of 1996, the Fishers found their home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with Don teaching music and Kristin teaching English. Together they share their love of music and God as members of the Contemporary Christian Ensemble at their church.

For many years Kristin has received several requests from her husband, friends, and family members to make a recording of favorite religious music that she had sung at family weddings, funerals, and Sunday Masses. Unfortunately, it took a family tragedy in January of 2000 to finally motivate Kristin to enter the recording studio. "My Soul Doth your love, O Lord" became a gift for her aunt and uncle who had lost their son. It was Kristin's wish that the music chosen for the project would bring them comfort and peace in some way. The final track "Jesus, King of Angels" written by Fernando Ortega is dedicated to the memory of her cousin Brian. The project also includes songs by Twila Paris including "How Beautiful", "I Will Listen", and "When You Speak to Me". Arrangements of Al Denson's "Be" and Ray Boltz's "Behold" can also be found on the album.

Several talented individuals join Kristin on this project. Her husband Don is responsible for all of the outstanding percussion work. Chris Dincher, a friend from church, shares his strengths on acoustic guitar and vocals. Tim Breon not only engineered the recording but also plays bass on a few selections.
Kristin is so thankful for the gift of music that God has granted her and for the love and support of her husband, family, friends, and church. She has been touched and moved by the kind words that people have shared concerning "My Soul Doth Glory..."

Kristin has also released "Keep the Faith," an album of original music written by Kristin, Chris Dincher and Bob Dincher; and "Joy!", a collection of classic Christmas songs ... some tradition and some not ...
"I will bless the Lord at all times,
his name forever on my lips;
My soul will glory in the Lord,
for he has been so good to me."