Thommy Sides

Mission Statement

( This is the voyage of Thommy Sides. His life long Mission... to seek out new lives for Jesus Christ, and to bring God's Glory to all civilizations. To boldly go where few care to trod. This is his Mission and his Quest! )
With the completion of this album our ministry is now in warp drive! Our Phaser's are the lyrics we've written and our Proton Torpedo's are the Holy Words of God. We will not rest until our last breath is breathed. The Church is asleep in the light and darkness is covering the earth, as never before. Our Mission, and yes...we've chosen to accept it - destroy the works of satan and to bring deliverance to God's Holy people. We will do this by any and all means, such as Preaching, Singing, Acting, Comedy, and the like. Should you desire to contact us. Our email address is: We are here for you, as your servants in Christ. Our mission may be a hard one, but it's not impossible. Your spiritual relationship with God is our Mission. We hope that our album, "Stranded No More" helps to bring you closer to God and his Kingdom. If we've accomplished that....our Mission is complete... Amen!!!


American Thommy Sides has been in South Africa now for the last 7 years. During that time he's done much for the Lord. Ministering where ever God opens up a door. He's memorized books and chapters of the bible and put them on film for the body of Christ. His most recent is his production of the Love Chapter which can be found on YouTube and will soon be here as well. Back in 2008 Thommy started working on his dream music album. Little did he know then that it would be a seven year journey, but God has been faithful and with Thommy's dear South African wife Judy at his side. The journey has been well worth it. She has helped him all along the way and has even done all the album's artwork, and design. Say's Thommy, "Little did I know that I was getting a master graphic artist for a'a deal!!!!" lol....So yes....this album is a big team effort. We hope you enjoy the music, and we hope that the lyrics touch your heart and brings you closer to the God who created you. Please keep us and our ministry in your prayers. Keep "Stranded NO More" in your prayers.
We know that God has given us a very special album and we pray that many doors will open unto us as we seek to follow the Lord and minister God's love in Jesus Name. Our Plans for the future are several: We have many huge dreams...and we hope they all come true. { Thommy says, His Biggest Dream is a Mind Blower! } Thommy has a dream of producing a full length movie on the book of Revelation. Maybe even as much as 3 hours long! Nothing like it has ever been done before. His album was once only a dream, and it came true. God is indeed the God of the impossible, so please keep Thommy and his front lines ministry in your prayers. Thommy has memorized about 90% of the book of Revelations, and it's truly in his heart. You can view clips from Revelations that Thommy has done on YouTube. He also has many other books and chapters of the bible up on the net. He has memorized each passage and book he performs. He does not use Q cards and such.
His passion is for the Word of God and to share God's Holy Word, and the music that God has given him, with others around the World. Either in person or via the internet or by other means. He truly believes we are now in the last days, and that there is very little time left for the human race. Says Thommy, "It's decision time!!!"
If you feel you would like to have Thommy come to your church or event. Please contact him here by leaving him a message. He or his wife Judy will get back with you. Please keep his last days ministry in your prayers. He really covets your prayer support and covering.....thank you!