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Bridging the gap with words and music connecting hearts to a passionate life in Christ.


Becky Carey

"A Voice of Passion, Driven by Love, and Compelled to Tell"

"Let go and let God". Sound familiar? Becky Carey feels as if she could have possibly coined the phrase herself after personally experiencing the amazing freedom and peace in doing just that. Distrust and grief, the results of some long term, very painful, personal struggles, had kept her bound.

"Many nights, in the midst of heart breaking despair, I cried out to God to heal and change my situation, but things kept getting worse. After coming to the end of myself, emotionally exhausted and out of ideas, God showed me that I was carrying a burden that was His, not mine, to carry and to solve. So, I let go and let God. That is when change began. Surprisingly though, the problem didn't change, I did."

Almost immediately, God ushered Becky into a new season of her life which led to the creation of her new CD on Creative Soul Records, "I Wait for You".

From childhood, Becky was always heard singing. What started out as sing-a-longs to recordings by her early musical influences, female artists like Carole King, Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt, soon became solo parts in choirs, youth groups, pageants, talent shows and music productions. This soon progressed to professional singing gigs as a singer/dancer/actress at Carowinds Theme Park, a jingle singer for local radio, and as the lead singer for a country band.

"Although our audiences responded well to our music with dancing and enthusiasm, I knew that they were not truly listening. I wanted to share my heart with my audience, to somehow make a difference in people's lives...not just sing."

Unknowingly, Becky was about to get the most important call of her life to do just that. But first, God had to get her attention, so He sent several born again Christian singers and musicians into Becky's life to witness to her about Christ and about her need to surrender her life and talents to Him. Then God moved Becky to Nashville to pursue a degree at Belmont College in Commercial Music.

"For the first time, I truly heard the salvation message about Christ giving His life for ME...not just the world...and that He wanted a personal relationship with me. All alone, right in my dorm room, with just the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through the anointed voice, words and music of Evie, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. My search for self worth, love and acceptance ended. I had found my real purpose in life and a divine reason for singing. God's love and grace were so powerful and so healing! I had to share Him with the world!"

Becky began singing a new song... the songs of Twila Paris, Evie, Sandy Patti, Steven Curtis Chapman, Anointed, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Janet Paschal, Susan Ashton, Carman and Bryan Duncan.

To this day, the driving force in Becky's life is the love of Christ and the resulting desire to share that love with others through the gifts God has given her, her voice, and now through her music on "I Wait for You". However, life took some unexpected turns, while she waited for her dream of recording a CD to become a reality. Family health problems had her young family moving to Key West, FL, to help out with her husband's family business. Opportunities to record or to be professionally involved in Contemporary Christian music seemed to have ended, but Becky knew she was called to sing for the King ("I Shall Sing"), so she kept choirs, as a soloist for local church services and for school, sporting and women's events. For several years, she has helped lead worship at Fifth St. Baptist Church in Key West and has most recently been called to the position of Women's Discipleship Leader.

"I was convicted that God was not impressed with how large my audience was. He's interested in my faithfulness to do what ever He asks of me, thus the song 'It's All for You'. I truly want to glorify God in all my ways and to be a blessing to whomever He allows me to minister to...whether it is one more soul or thousands more."

Now, it is apparent to Becky, that it is time to reach out and claim a larger territory for Christ with her music ministry. But first, to unload the emotional baggage she had been carrying before she "Let go and let God", Becky began journaling to God.

"I needed to spiritually clean house. As I poured out the garbage, God literally began pouring new songs into my heart. Wow, this, I never expected. He not only 'Reawakened' dreams that I thought were distant echoes of another life, He awakened within me a new gift, that of songwriting. God is so good!"

After an amazing chain of events, Becky connected with Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records in Nashville, TN.

"Without question, Eric was the producer God wanted for me on this project. I wanted a "no regrets, my best for His best" product and that is exactly what working with Eric has given me. With Eric at the helm, I was able to continue to "Let go and let God", knowing that Eric would faithfully see my songs through their metamorphosis into something truly wonderful."

By just looking at the A-list of credits on Becky's new CD, from musicians to final design, God's plan for Becky and her debut CD was obviously huge... much bigger, the singer - songwriter admits, than she had ever dreamed or hoped for.

Some of the songs on "I Wait For You", including, the title track, "Help Me Stay True", and "In Times Like These" are intimate prayer pictures of the artist, exposing her resolve to trust the Lord even in the deepest of valleys, her realization that God's plan and love for her are perfect, and that even when she messes up, "most amazingly of all He calls her friend". The soulful "I Got Joy" and the acoustic praise and worship tune, "You Alone", are the outpouring of love and adoration for a Heavenly Father from a grateful daughter, and both songs pull the listener right along with the singer into a soaring joyful celebration.

Now Becky embarks on the biggest challenge of all, to take all God's blessings, leadings, and her life experiences and give it all in music ministry.

Let go and let God indeed!