Matt Strzok - website

Mission Statement

I just wish to share the gift Jesus has so kindly given me with others to bring them joy and peace.


Hi, my name is Matt Strzok.

I am a Musician (want to be really, nothing special) and am studying to be an Electrical Engineer at the University of Cincinnati. I am currently a 19 year old sophomore. I am also part of the band and prayer team at my church, the Vineyard.

I have been playing guitar since I was 13, I have a strong passion for music and I wish I could play for many people to enjoy. I also have played piano for 3 years, drums for 2 years (currently don't have a set), and started Violin.

I am a huge Christian, I am a huge follower of Jesus. I am not a pushy Christian though. I don't try to make people know about Jesus when that is not what they are searching for, for I hate when people do that, but I would gladly share him with anyone who was searching or just curious. His love is so great.

I am very outgoing, feel free to talk to me! I am really just looking to get my music out there :) Thanks for reading!